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bmw i8 hybrid car review
October 28, 2014

Some people buy cars because they’re fun. Some people buy cars because they’re loaded with the latest technology. And some people just buy cars because they’re fuel-efficient. The 2015 BMW i8 meets all three of those requirements, and you can add in supercar performance with space-age looks. The BMW i8 is an all-new model for […]

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halloween vandalism

Tons of candy, jack-o’-lanterns, parties and trick-or-treaters walking door-to-door dressed as superheroes and princesses … yep, it’s Halloween. This time of year can be a lot fun for kids of all ages, but it can also translate to smashed windows, slashed tires, scratched paint or worse for vehicle owners, because someone pushed their tricks a […]

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Mercury Donates 2015 Kia Sorento and Raises $15,500 For Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

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Deer collision

Hundreds of thousands of deer-car collisions occur every year throughout the United States, with the majority of these accidents happening in October and November. Nationally, deer-car accidents cause more than $1 billion in vehicle damages and claim 150 lives every year, and the number of fatalities has been rising since 2000. “In the fall, deer […]

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The L.A. Kings battled through fierce Western Conference competition in the 2014 NHL playoffs, winning three consecutive 7-game series before making their way to Madison Square Garden in the finals. Defeating the NY Rangers to become the NHL champions, the Kings were allotted 100 days with the Stanley Cup. Since then, the Cup has had […]

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Breaking In

Burglars don’t wear ski masks and hide in your bushes anymore. And they no longer have to break into a home or car by kicking in a window or door. Technology has made it much easier. In fact, all they need is a smart phone. According to an article in Wired, apps like KeyMe and […]

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Protect Your Home

A home burglary takes place in the United States every 14.6 seconds. According to The Washington Post/Bureau of Justice Statistics, thirty-four percent of these burglars gain access to their victim’s home by simply walking across the welcome mat and through the front door. Before you rush out to purchase an elaborate home security system or guard […]

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September 11th is forever etched in all of our memories after the tragic events in 2001. It is also a time to honor the members of the military who’ve dedicated their lives to ensuring the safety of our country. Today, Mercury Insurance sent a special thank you via care packages to active military personnel in […]

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Car Insurance Color

Most people have heard it, and many people believe it: a red sports car will cost more to insure than, say, a white one. Mercury Insurance wants to let consumers know that car color does not factor into insurance rates. “The idea that certain colors of cars are more expensive to insure is nothing more […]

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Natural disaster insurance

Are you prepared for an increase in hurricanes, floods, wildfires and tornadoes? Natural disasters in the U.S. have increased by 700 percent* since 1950 and reports from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration indicate severe weather events are occurring more frequently.** The U.S. experienced the largest hurricane to ever form in the Atlantic Basin (Sandy) […]

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Proper Insurance Coverage

Every driver is different, and most vehicles are different, too. Essentially, everyone’s auto insurance needs vary based upon an assortment of factors. Whether it’s simple liability or full coverage, Mercury recommends consumers purchase the insurance package that best fits their personal requirements. Below are some key questions consumers should ask themselves when evaluating their car […]

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