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2016 acura NSX
March 31, 2015

Welcome to part two of our 2015 new car preview. Each year, a flood of new and redesigned vehicles move through the auto show circuit to new car showrooms across the U.S. While most enter the market before spring, many products trickle in throughout the year. Below are vehicles expected to hit U.S. showrooms by […]

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2015 bmw m3

Each year, a flood of new and redesigned vehicles come through the auto show circuit in the U.S., Europe and Asia, previewing the newest advances consumers can expect to see in showrooms. The cars listed below will have already reached showrooms by the first half of 2015, and are worth checking out. 2015 BMW M3 […]

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st patricks day chicago

Chicago, host to one of the nation’s most popular St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, is getting set to paint the town green—or at least the river. This year, the Windy City will host the events and festivals that have made it a travel destination for Irish people (even if only in spirit) from all over the […]

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road trip illinois

Road trips are awesome! Whether it’s cross country trips or weekend getaways, packing up the car and hitting the open road can lead to amazing adventures. But, before we pull out of our driveways, many of us start by doing a Google search of “things to see” or “interesting places to go.” So, we took […]

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2015 volvo xc90

Swedish automaker Volvo is best known for building some of the safest vehicles on the road. With the completely redesigned 2015 Volvo XC90, the automaker’s dedication to safety remains, but the company has gone the extra mile with its looks and technology. The XC90 comes with details like the T-shaped LED running lights Volvo calls […]

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beating winter weather blues

Winter can be a mood-killer for those of us who enjoy warm weather. We often bundle up, cross our mitten-covered fingers and hope every year that spring comes early. However, the cold weather and large amounts of time spent indoors doesn’t have to ruin your mood. Turn this chilling season into an entertaining and productive […]

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best hollywood movie cars

Every February, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognizes the movie industry’s most notable films, actors, music and more. We think there should be a category for the best car featured in a film. In honor of the Oscars, we would like to give our nominations for the 10 best movie cars of […]

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Insuring expensive items

You’re a diligent and responsible homeowner or renter, always ensuring your insurance policy is current and your payments are made on time. However, did you know that some of your possessions might have limitations to their coverage? Let’s test your insurance knowledge. Which of the following situations is 100% covered by a standard insurance policy? […]

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driving in the snow

Driving can be quite a challenge for even the most seasoned drivers when snow and ice are involved. It’s hard enough dealing with congested traffic and inexperienced drivers. But trying to sort through all of that out in the snow and ice can be downright overwhelming. I’m from Los Angeles, where something is severely wrong […]

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multiple car insurance discount

Multi-car discounts are commonly offered by insurers when vehicles garaged at the same address are combined and listed on a single auto insurance policy. Some restrictions may apply, so be sure to ask your Mercury Agent for more information. How to get a multi-car discount Make sure that all of your various policies are with the […]

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car safety

If you drive a vehicle that is more than six to eight years old, you should be aware that technology has advanced and that newer vehicles are much safer than older vehicles. Both the National Traffic Safety Administration, a government agency, and the Institute for Highway Safety, an organization sponsored by the insurance industry, annually evaluate crashworthiness—or, […]

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