Understanding Car Safety Ratings

Although newer vehicles are generally more expensive to insure than older ones, consumers can often get discounts if their new vehicles have the latest safety features. Advances in crash and accident avoidance technology mean that consumers who buy a new … Continue reading

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Student & Young Driver Discounts

Premiums for young drivers can be expensive because insurers look for responsible driving behavior and lifestyle factors when factoring rate discounts. Lack of experience behind the wheel and statistical data are the primary factors that determine insurance premiums for teen drivers. … Continue reading

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Getting the Most Out of Your Paycheck

Paydays are the best days. That check looks so big at first; you begin to daydream about all the fun you can have with that money. Then reality sets in…before you get to enjoy it, your paycheck is eaten up … Continue reading

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Four Things to Know if You’re Considering an Electric Car

Elon Musk shocked the audience at Tesla’s recent Model 3 debut with the announcement that the luxury electric car manufacturer will produce its first mass-market vehicle and that it will have an MSRP starting at $35,000. The response has been … Continue reading

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Drop, Cover and Hold On: Earthquake Insurance Basics Every Californian Should Know

Earthquakes strike often and without warning in California, which has an average of 10,000 seismic events per year. Whether you live in San Diego or Eureka, don’t be caught off guard by the next temblor, because in California, it’s not … Continue reading

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