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Car Technology
April 10, 2014

Improvements in automotive technology, including seat belts, airbags, antilock brakes and electronic stability control have significantly reduced accidents, fatalities and injuries to record low levels. These safety features have helped decrease the injury rate per vehicle-mile driven more than 50 percent since 1988, according to Mercury Insurance and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There […]

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Is your insurance adequate for your 2014 life changes? Mack and Teri Smith experienced sticker shock when their oldest child started driving. Their insurance premiums skyrocketed. While they knew that adding a teen driver to the account would cost them more, they didn’t realize how much more. Adding a teen driver to your household isn’t […]

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Auto Insurance: What You Should Know  If you drive a car chances are you carry some level of auto insurance. If you don’t, then you better get it quick, because it’s the law in most states. But how do you choose the right company and coverage? You should start by doing a little homework so […]

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When Larry Lipparelli rented a car in Dublin recently, he took his online travel agency’s word that the price included all required taxes and fees. And it did — except for one. Lipparelli didn’t have the required car insurance for Ireland. A handful of countries, including Jamaica, Israel and Ireland, have specific insurance requirements that […]

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can i get insurance for this

You can buy insurance for just about anything. There are the usual suspects, such as auto insurance, homeowners insurance, business insurance and renters insurance, but that’s just the beginning. It goes way beyond that for some people. For example, did you know you can buy insurance to protect yourself in the event there’s a zombie […]

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Tires are the Rodney Dangerfield of cars.  Even though they’re the only component of a vehicle that actually touches the pavement, tires “get no respect.” Fact is, tires are the black hole of cars: round, rubbery nondescript objects that are expected to perform forever. Today’s tires are scientific marvels, holding up under extreme heat and […]

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Most people have a love-hate relationship with freeways.  We love them when they’re not clogged by rush hour traffic because a freeway lets us get from point A to point B at a relatively fast pace – driving the speed limit, of course.  We love freeways because they keep us out of the stop and […]

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When you purchase a car, you typically look at the sticker price and figure out what your monthly payment would be, but many of us forget how expensive a car is when you factor in the total cost of ownership. In addition to the car payments, it’s easy to rack up thousands of dollars each […]

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