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‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through our home, property was damaged! The cost: still unknown. Share this Image On Your Site Copy and paste the text below to embed this graphic on your blog or website!

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car technology distracted drivers

Car technology has come a long way from the horse drawn carriages of the 18th century. Since then, we’ve seen cars powered by steam, gasoline, natural gas, electricity and even hydrogen. Powertrains aren’t the only vehicle tech improvements we’ve seen, however, as many automakers and tech companies are developing systems that will decrease, or even […]

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protecting your home from natural disasters

Heat waves, droughts, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, tornadoes and hurricanes torment Americans every year. During 2011-2013 the U.S. experienced 25 weather- and climate-related disasters, costing $175 billion in total damages, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Not everyone can pack up and move to Michigan – one of the states with the fewest occurrences […]

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thanksgiving day hazards

Have you ever walked into a store the day after Halloween and felt like you flash-forwarded through time to mid-December? Ghost and skeleton decorations are instantly replaced with red and green foil, ribbons and bows, candy canes and Santa statues. Only days into November, Christmas commercials start airing on TV and some radio stations convert […]

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tesla model s review

Electric cars are quickly gaining ground on their gas-powered contemporaries and there’s no better proof than the Tesla Model S, which clearly has the chops to compete with similarly priced luxury vehicles. Launched in 2012, the Tesla Model S has been continuously upgraded with mostly “software updates,” making a closer association with a computer than […]

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home renovation

Home Renovation 101: Simple Steps for Building Your Dream House Remodeling a home isn’t a new concept. U.S. homeowners spent $130 billion in renovations last year and nearly 75 percent of all homeowners are expected to make some type of home improvement in 2014. Hopefully, homeowners have or will become familiar with the following checklist, […]

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earthquake insurance tips for californians

Earthquakes strike often and without warning in California, which has an average of 10,000 seismic events per year. Whether you live in San Diego or Eureka, don’t be caught off guard by the next temblor, because in California, it’s not a matter of if an earthquake strikes, but when and how large it will be. […]

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bmw i8 hybrid car review

Some people buy cars because they’re fun. Some people buy cars because they’re loaded with the latest technology. And some people just buy cars because they’re fuel-efficient. The 2015 BMW i8 meets all three of those requirements, and you can add in supercar performance with space-age looks. The BMW i8 is an all-new model for […]

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halloween vandalism

Tons of candy, jack-o’-lanterns, parties and trick-or-treaters walking door-to-door dressed as superheroes and princesses … yep, it’s Halloween. This time of year can be a lot fun for kids of all ages, but it can also translate to smashed windows, slashed tires, scratched paint or worse for vehicle owners, because someone pushed their tricks a […]

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Mercury Donates 2015 Kia Sorento and Raises $15,500 For Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

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Deer collision

Hundreds of thousands of deer-car collisions occur every year throughout the United States, with the majority of these accidents happening in October and November. Nationally, deer-car accidents cause more than $1 billion in vehicle damages and claim 150 lives every year, and the number of fatalities has been rising since 2000. “In the fall, deer […]

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