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auto insurance and fender benders
November 24, 2015

Impact On Premiums Fender benders and the like are an anticipated part of life, and though you’re protected with auto accident insurance, you may still have concerns about what’s going to happen to your insurance rates when you file a claim. Will your rates go up, and if so, how much? Will your policy be […]

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Mercury Insurance has launched a campaign to educate customers about what they can expect from the coming El Niño and how they can protect their family, pets and personal property. Are you at risk? Click here to find out! This informational graphic allows you to see the amount of rainfall from the last major El Niño storms in […]

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The Thanksgiving holiday is a time when families gather to spend time with those they love. Getting home for the holidays can be difficult, however, as they brave planes, trains and automobiles to be with loved ones. But how did Thanksgiving come to be such a big day? Handprint turkeys, silver-buckled shoes and multi-colored corn […]

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avoid serious car collisions

It can happen in the blink of an eye. Airbags deploy and glass breaks and, when the smoke clears, you realize you’ve just been involved in a car collision. Many of us have experienced or witnessed a car accident within our lifetimes. It’s estimated that the average driver will file an accident claim about once […]

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road signs quiz part 1

You know that octagon-shaped red sign with the word “STOP” written on it? It’s one of the signs with the easiest meaning to remember. Yet, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in one year alone, more than 13,000 vehicles were involved in fatal crashes at stop signs. Drivers’ failure to yield and stop […]

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road signs quiz part 2

Admit it, on a regular basis you drive past a yellow road sign with a squiggly arrow on it and you have no idea what it means. As drivers, we need to make decisions based on the important information provided by road signs. In Part 1 of our U.S. road sign quiz, we tested your […]

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college admission essay tips

There’s a lot going on this month, including Movember, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and buying – and hiding – gifts for December holidays. November isn’t all fun and games for millions of high school students, however, as they are hard at work writing college admission essays. There is no shortage of advice about how to make […]

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are you prepared for el nino

This year’s West Coast weather forecast is looking wet, windy and wild as El Niño continues to strengthen in the Pacific Ocean. The ongoing drought in the West, mixed with the threat of heavy rains, puts residents, pets and property in serious storm danger. You can’t control the weather, but you can prepare for it. […]

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The auto insurance marketplace is very competitive, with many companies offering affordable rates and discounts to win new business. So how does a consumer choose the right company? Consider factoring in a company’s financial stability – isn’t it great to know they have the resources to pay your claim quickly if needed? Forbes recently named […]

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high speed chase

A car is stolen every 45 seconds in the U.S. Picture this: you’re relaxing on the couch watching the evening news when you see a car that looks exactly like yours flying down the highway with a fleet of police cars chasing after it. You run out of your front door and find your car […]

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back to the present

In the blockbuster film, Back to the Future: Part II, Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown convinces Marty McFly and girlfriend Jennifer Parker to travel with him to the year 2015 to prevent a robbery involving his future son, which would trigger catastrophic series of events involving the entire future family. To accomplish their goal, they are […]

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