Taking the Next Step With Your Partner: Getting Joint Car Insurance

Joint car insurance isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when discussing taking the next step in your relationship. However, if you’ve tied the knot, are planning to soon, or are living with your partner, you may be … Continue reading

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What is an Umbrella Policy and Do You Need One?

Daily life can be full of uncertainty. Accidents happen and things can go wrong in an instant. You want the security of knowing that when the unexpected happens, you have safeguards in place to protect you financially. Personal umbrella insurance … Continue reading

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5 Hot Remodeling Trends to Customize Your Home in 2019

Home remodeling projects were once done to increase a home’s resale value, but many homeowners are deciding to stay put for the long-term instead of planning a time-consuming move. HomeAdvisor’s 2018 True Cost Survey found more than 80 percent of … Continue reading

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Seven Simple Steps to Make the Most of Your Money

How many New Year’s Resolutions did you make this year? How many of those resolutions have already been broken? When it comes to your money, anytime is a good time to change your habits and become more budget-aware. Here are … Continue reading

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Top Driving Apps to Keep Teen Drivers Safe in 2019

As a parent, you watch your child hit all the milestones—the first smile, the first words, the first steps. And far too quickly those milestones get bigger. Suddenly your child is a teen, itching to get behind the wheel of … Continue reading

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