Top 5 Defensive Driving Tips

Becoming a defensive driver and using safe driving practices can help you avoid accidents and keep your insurance premium low. Whether you’re sharpening your own driving skills or teaching a teen to drive, follow these defensive driving tips for a … Continue reading

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Innovative Car Safety Features to Look Out for in 2019

Whether it’s a brand-new vehicle or a used car, buyers can equip their ride with more high-tech car safety features than ever. On top of basic safety features, having additional car safety gadgets can qualify you for discounts on your … Continue reading

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What Cheaper and Smarter Car Insurance Can Mean for Your Health and Wellness

Whether you like it or not, your finances and well-being directly affect each other. According to New York Times bestselling author, Tom Rath, in his book, Wellbeing, “Money can increase our short-term happiness by giving us more control over how … Continue reading

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How to Keep Your Car Battery Charging On

Experts say a typical car battery, if maintained properly, should last about five to six years. A battery’s lifespan and performance can be impacted by a number of factors including weather extremes, humidity, leaving lights or the radio on when … Continue reading

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Taking the Next Step With Your Partner: Getting Joint Car Insurance

Joint car insurance isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when discussing taking the next step in your relationship. However, if you’ve tied the knot, are planning to soon, or are living with your partner, you may be … Continue reading

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