You Got Into a Car Crash…Now What

Automobile collisions can happen so fast that it’s easy to become disoriented, and you may not be thinking straight immediately after the accident. So, what do you do next? Ideally, you’re prepared and have your license, vehicle registration and auto … Continue reading

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4 Tax Identity Theft Scams to Watch For

Tax season is well underway, and that means your tax refund—and your identity—are in play for identity thieves looking for an easy payday. Tax identity theft is a fast-growing crime, impacting more than 260,000 victims a year and costing the … Continue reading

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Preparing Your Home for Unusual and Severe Weather

Heavy rains and record snowfall have brought nearly the entire state of California out of its years-long drought.1 While rainwater filled up reservoirs, it also devastated roadways, flooded communities and forced evacuations. Flooding from overflowing Coyote Creek in San Jose … Continue reading

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In-car Technology to Look for in 2017

Modern vehicle technology is evolving at an accelerated pace, making strides to give drivers and passengers an increasingly more comfortable, luxurious, safe and convenient in-car experience. Mercury Insurance examines some of the newest features car buyers can look forward to … Continue reading

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Five Money-Saving Car Maintenance Tips to Suit Your Budget

Every daily commuter or weekend warrior knows that keeping your vehicle in good running condition is an important part of ownership – after all, significant repairs can cost a pretty penny. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, … Continue reading

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