​Top 10 Most Affordable 2017 Vehicles to Insure

Top 10 Most Affordable 2017 Vehicles to Insure

IIHS Top Safety Pick-rated Honda Fit takes top honors; Small fuel-efficient vehicles fill Mercury In…

New Driving Laws Taking Effect in 2017

Each year, states update existing driving laws and establish new ones in an effort to keep up with technological advancements and make the roads we tr…

The Unexpected Cost of Electric Vehicle Ownership

Electric vehicle purchasers don’t have to worry about fuel costs, but what consumers may not realize is these vehicles come with higher insurance rates than their gas-engine counterparts – on average, insurance quotes are 21 percent higher for electric vehicles.

Know The True Cost of Owning That New Car Before Buying it

If you’ve landed on this page because you’re in the market for a new car or truck, then you probably already consider yourself a savvy shopper, or at least someone who values the importance of good advice before making a big ticket purchase.

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